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Just a few months after rolling out its first 6TB hard drive, Seagate has kicked up the capacity by 33%.
Have you ever looked at a .nz website or email address and gotten a kick out of the second level hierarchy? Of course you have.
New global research from Unisys finds alarming gaps in the security of critical infrastructure organisations.
Late last week, forensic scientist Jonathan Zdziarski announced at a conference that Apple iPhones have back doors.
Did you know, a lot of web design companies use proprietary systems to make websites, which means that you are locked into their system whether you like it or not?
The Government is offering Chorus what amounts to a $178 million bridging loan to help it cope with any cashflow problems completing construction of the ultrafast broadband network.
This week, Microsoft officially started the one-year countdown to the end-of-support date for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 R2.
On October 1, 2014, Microsoft will release three new Office 365 plans tailored to meet the needs of small and midsized businesses.
LinkedIn is trying again to build a service on mobile that helps keep people in touch, even when they’re not actively job hunting.