Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 14, 2015

Windows Server 2003 support is ending July 14, 2015

Upgraded your Windows Server 2003 yet? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Gartner reckons there are eight million Windows Server 2003 OS instances in operation, and SI Avanade reckons that of those instances, a full 20 per cent – 1.6 million – will blow past the 14 July end-of-support date.

What happens six months from now, on 14 July? That’s the date Microsoft issues its last security fix ever for Window Server 2003 – the end of extended support from the server operating system’s maker.

That means any new hacks built or vulnerabilities discovered in Windows Server 2003 and those running the legacy server OS will be facing them on their own.

It’s a problem if your server systems hold data of any kind – which they will – and could be accessed directly or indirectly from the internet.

What can you do about it?

The most important step is talking to your IT provider or an IT expert about what your options are. The best solution is highly dependent on how you are currently using Server 2003 and what your plans are for the systems involved going forward.

However, generally we recommend one of two options:

  1. Move to Windows Server 2012
  2. Move to the Cloud

Depending on your use case the Cloud is often and attractive option – lower costs and visualization providing an added layer of security.

Here at Logical.IT we are always happy to help and can provide some great solutions and advice if needed

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