Newsletter - September 2017

Newsletter - September 2017

Welcome to our second newsletter of 2017!

Some of the topics covered in this edition have been repeated, but we are sure will still be of interest.  However, if there is any topic you’d like covered in our next newsletter or have any comments about this newsletter, please let Tisha know:

The Team

Since our last newsletter we have had a new team member join us, and we’d like to introduce him to you:

Kunal Rana, Helpdesk Technician

Kunal started with us as our Helpdesk Technician in June, and many of you may have spoken to him already.  He will be the first person you speak to when you call the Helpdesk and will assist you with things like password changes but will escalate most jobs to the engineers.  He has a lot to keep him busy behind the scenes keeping your systems up and running!

AVG Cloudcare – now Avast

Many of you are currently using one of our preferred anti-virus software options called AVG Cloudcare.  AVG Cloudcare has been bought by AVAST – and rebranded as AVAST Business Cloudcare.  You may see a change to the icon on your desktop.  Please do not delete this icon.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.  The new icon looks like this:

AVG Cloudcare - now Avast


In our May 2017 newsletter we discussed Ransomware and in August we deployed a ransomware software update.  This update requires manual intervention by you, the end user, to apply updates.

We still recommend this software remains in place, however, we understand you and/or your staff may be getting frustrated with the pop-ups and manual updates required to be done by yourselves.  Therefore, if you would like the ransomware removed, please get in touch with Tisha by email ( and she will arrange for this to be removed from your local devices.

As a gentle reminder, before opening a link or an attachment ensure you are sure of its origins and its sender.  If you are unsure at all, please give our Helpdesk a call.  Anti-virus software will not always pick these emails up as the perpetrators are very clever and essentially send you a link or a file that appears to come from a legitimate source.   The anti-virus software can only be effective if it is up to date so that it knows what threats to look for – it’s hard to be proactive against something that it doesn’t know exists.  We always recommend you keep your anti-virus software current and updated – ensure you don’t skip the updates!

Microsoft CSP Partnership

As many of you will know, Logical.IT are a Microsoft Partner.  This has now been extended to Logical.IT being a CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Direct Partner.  

As a direct Partner we provide service offerings, cloud products, customer support, and we bill our customers directly.  What this means for you and your business is that we commit to handling everything ourselves, from design of solutions, to support and billing.  It means we are your one point of contact in relation to your Microsoft needs.  Many of you have already been moved to this new portal.


Direct Debits

For your ease and convenience we have a direct debit facility available.  This is for your monthly SLA/Agreement invoices only.  If you would like a direct debit form, please email and one will be sent to you.


A little reminder that SLA/Agreement invoices are sent on or around 15th of the month for payment on the 1st of the month following.  Other invoices are sent throughout the month for payment on 20th of the month following.  For jobs where there is hardware involved we may request up-front payment of 50% of the cost of the hardware.  It would be appreciated if the payment dates are adhered to.  If you need to defer or stagger payments, please contact us at to discuss.

After-Hours Service

As a reminder, we have put an after-hours service in place so an engineer can be contacted after our standard operating hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm week days.  If you would like to know more about this service please email for more information.


A reminder to please contact the Helpdesk directly, rather than individual engineers, as this will ensure your problem/query is seen by the whole team, not just one person.  Please do not email as this is only monitored intermittently.



  • 04 282 0204 (Wellington)
  • 04 974 0510 (Kapiti)


If you like us, and we are doing a good job for you, we would welcome you referring us to other businesses who may not be getting the same service from their current IT support company.  Please ask them to contact the sales team at or call us on 04 282 0204.