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In this edition:

  1. Logging a job
  2. Online Exams
  3. Password Managers
  4. Logical.IT Sponsorships
  5. Staff Changes
  6. Accounts
  7. After-Hours Service
  8. Helpdesk
  9. Referrals
  10. On the Lighter Side


Logging a Job

It would be appreciated that when logging a new job you do so by or emailing the Helpdesk ( rather than make direct contact with one of the engineers.  This will ensure our internal processes are followed and your request is logged and assigned in accordance with our job logging process.  Making direct contact with our engineers could delay a resolution to your issue

We are finding more and more clients make contact directly with an engineer and these requests are delayed in being resolved as the engineer is busy completing other jobs, or sick or on annual leave.  For urgent jobs, or if you’d rather just talk to us, please call the helpdesk on 04 282 0204.

Could you please pass this request onto your team. 


Online Exams

We have had a couple of instances recently where online exams have been unable to be completed due to incompatibility with our installed monitoring agent. 

If you are completing an exam and are prompted that Naverisk (the name of the agent) needs to be closed, or if you receive any other prompt, please make contact with us.  We can easily resolve this for you to enable you to proceed.

If you are planning on completing an exam out of working hours on your work device, please make contact with us prior to the exam as you will not be able to make contact with us after 5pm.


Password Managers

In the past we have recommended Lastpass as a repository for your passwords, for its ease of use and “free” option which made it easy for anyone to have good password security.  Unfortunately, the company behind Lastpass has changed the terms of service which state that now only one type of device can be logged in at once.  For example, if you were to only use it on your PC or only on your mobile phone that would be fine. However, for subscribers who use password managers across multiple devices this can cause problems.  Lastpass is still a good solution if you do access from one device at a time.

We have moved our password management solution in the office away from Lastpass to Bitwarden.  Bitwarden is also a free password manager that is highly regarded for its ease of use and the consistency across all devices. The interfaces are slightly different so there will be a bit of a transition if you want to move from Lastpass, however, importing the passwords is easy and can be done very quickly. If you would like us to look at moving password managers for you, or even set up a new one, give us a call and we can assist you.


Logical.IT Sponsorships


Logical.IT are pleased to continue sponsorship with Paremata Plimmerton Rugby Football Club.  The Club completed an extensive revamp of their clubrooms in 2020, and they are looking amazing!  We are pleased to be supporting local, and look forward to seeing the club continue to grow and prosper this year and into the future.



We have also proudly sponsored the U6 Norths Bulldogs with jerseys and drink bottles this year.  We hope the team enjoys their hoodies, and has a fabulous season!


Staff Changes

jasone It is with sadness we announce that after more than 6 ½ years with us, Jason Eason is leaving us.  He has chosen a new career path and we wish him all the best in his new endeavours.
Kunal Rana, the lovely voice you usually hear when you call the Helpdesk, is stepping up his role to support the tech team.  Kunal will continue with his current duties, and will now have additional parts to his role which includes onsite support to our customers.  Look out for him at your office, and please say hello! kunalr



A reminder that if you have a query with charges or an invoice, please make contact with us via – please do not discuss invoicing or charges with our engineers as this is not their domain and we don’t want to put the in any awkward positions.  If you are wanting to know if there will be any charges before a piece of work is commenced, please make contact with Jack or Tisha.

Direct Debits

A reminder that for your ease and convenience we have a direct debit facility available.  This is for your monthly SLA/Agreement invoices only.  If you would like a direct debit form, please email and one will be sent to you.


A little reminder that SLA/Agreement invoices are sent on or around 15th of the month for payment on the 1st of the month following.  Other invoices are sent throughout the month for payment on 20th of the month following.  For jobs where there is hardware involved we may request upfront payment of 50% of the cost of the hardware.  It would be appreciated if the payment dates are adhered to.  If you need to defer or stagger payments, please contact us at to discuss.


After-Hours Service

As a reminder, we have put an after-hours service in place so an engineer can be contacted after our standard operating hours of 8.30am to 5.00pm week days.  If you would like to know more about this service please email for more information.



A reminder to please contact the Helpdesk directly, rather than individual engineers, as this will ensure your problem/query is seen by the whole team, not just one person.  Please do not email or the engineers directly as these email addresses are only monitored intermittently.



Phone              04 282 0204



If you like us, and we are doing a good job for you, we would welcome you referring us to other businesses who may not be getting the same service from their current IT support company.  Please ask them to contact the sales team at or call us on 04 282 0204.


On the Lighter Side …