Newsletter - April 2020


Welcome to this special edition of the Logical.IT Newsletter.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well, and inside your bubble 😊

We thought, given the current unusual situation, that it was a good time to remind you of some best practices now that many of you are working from home. 

Please feel free to pass this onto your staff members, especially those working from home, to ensure the safety of your data and security of your network as much as possible.

Many of you are using VPN’s (Virtual Private Network) to connect to your work system/s, which exposes these work system/s to potential security risks that may be on your home network.

Below is a short list that should be followed to reduce these risks as much as possible.

  • Ensure you connect to a secure, password-protected, and trusted, wifi network.
  • Do you have up-to-date reputable anti-virus/anti-malware package/s installed?  (Includes out of the box Windows10 security software) (see following instructions)
  • Have the latest security updates been applied to all home workstations?  (see following instructions on how to check this)
  • Ensure you save work files to your work network and not your home device, to ensure they are automatically backed up.
  • Ensure everyone on your home network is aware of the risks of clicking on unsolicited emails, or url links, and be cautious of email attachments.  There is a risk that someone else in your household inadvertently puts something nasty on your work network.

Logical.IT’s aim is to ensure you remain productive and keep your network secure.  If you feel your network has been compromised, please contact our Helpdesk immediately.


Check your Anti-Virus / Malware

If you have Win8 or Win10 you can check what your anti-virus/malware situation is by clicking on the Windows button (bottom left taskbar of your screen)


Then type “virus”

Select “Virus and Threat Protection”.

We can’t show you what your screen will look like here, because every anti-virus software is different, however, if you scan this page and look for something along the lines of “No current threats”

If you have Malwarebytes installed you are looking for:


If you have Windows Defender you are looking for these two sections where it says “no action needed” and “Security Intelligence is up to date”:


If you need assistance determining the status of your anti-virus/malware software, please give our Helpdesk a call on 04 282 0204.


Check for Security Updates

Use the following links to check if your device has current updates installed.

Please note that many of you will have older devices at home (ie operating system with Windows 7 or older) which are no longer supported by Microsoft, so updates may not show, or may not be applied.

Win7 (out of support)

Win 8 / 8.1

Win 10

And apply updates if updates available.


Covid-19 Scams

Unfortunately lockdowns and quarantines do not stop the scammers!  With many of us working remotely now we must be extra vigilant with scammers who are using this opportunity to take advantage of us.

A couple of good websites to check out:

Scam Savvy:

Netsafe Covid-19 Scam Spotting:


On the Lighter Side …

wally-cover          wally-open